Sculptural Jewellery

Jewellery is not just for ornamentation, it’s something that we use to express our personalities. Jewellery is also a form of small sculpture. I can create these small sculptures anywhere that I have my tools.

My work is made at Uscochi Manufactory, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Learning to create from ideas within me has been a long process involving experimentation, a process of trial and error, much study of various books describing techniques that interest me and finally the Jewellery Art and Design program at VCC.

The inspiration for the jewellery that is shown on these pages can come from many sources. From places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, people that I’ve known, sometimes even from my dreams. The most difficult part of making a new design is choosing from what to draw the inspiration.

The pieces that you’ll see here are made from sterling silver that has been alloyed from pure silver and pure copper. They are made in a variety of ways.

  • Sculptural Rings begin on the lathe. This tool allows me to experiment with different geometric or sculptural forms. Next they are taken to my bench where I refine the shape of the piece. The wax model is cast in silver and returned to the bench for finishing.
  • Found Objects come from me rooting around in my random collection of memories for objects that evoke a happy memory or an old friend.
  • My pendants involve the most work of all my pieces. I choose objects that I’ve collected and turn them into a collage from which I make a mold and cast the centerpiece. I then take that piece and think about how I would like to mount it whether it ends up a pendant or a medal. The mountings are fabricated individually at my bench.

These pieces can be finished in a number of ways all of which show a different side to the piece.

All of the jewelry found on these page is created and finished by me. I work in jewellery because I enjoy the entire process of making it. From the moment the inspiration strikes me, through all of the stages until the moment the piece is finished.

Thanks for coming by to see my work.