Our Story

Our Story

Uscochi Manufactory is a self contained, small scale, jewellery factory and gallery located in Vancouver, BC. If you’re interested in seeing locally made and designed jewellery, come down to 430 Homer Street Wednesday to Saturday, noon til 6.



I’ve always had a strong bent towards the arts. I made my first ring in 1993 and I really wish that I still had it. It was before I had any idea about how to do it. I melted a sterling spoon into a big blob, drilled a hole that would fit my finger, and filed the outside to shape.

In 2007 I decided to revisit the idea of making jewellery because it was a way of making sculpture on a small scale. The next ring I made is one of my best sellers, I took a short jewellery course and learned how to use a rolling mill to texture metal, how to saw out a shape, and how to sweat solder two pieces of plate, bend the ring, and to solder the ring together.

I continued making pieces after that at a rate of about four every year and, I hate to say it, most of them were brutal. I had the right idea as far as the design went but I really didn’t have the skills. My jewellery seemed to disintegrate more often than not.

This brought me to the Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design program. I started actually studying the hands on processes required to make fine jewellery from a really great group of teachers. I began to see the process on a smaller scale and learned a huge variety of techniques like casting (lost wax and cuttle bone), fabricating, stone setting, and design.

I graduated from the program a couple of years ago and continued working in my home studio on a bench that I copied from my favourite teacher ever, Dariusz Bebel.

Last year I had an opportunity to rent a space downtown in Vancouver and jumped at the chance. It’s been a really interesting learning experience having a place where I can show my work to a broad range of people.


All Uscochi Manufactory products are made in the studio at 430 Homer Street in Vancouver, Canada. We use traditional jewellery making techniques like casting and fabricating. The alloys that we use are alloyed in house, with the exception of silicon bronze, from pure metals, gold, silver, and copper.

If you’d like to come down to see how this is done, feel free.

Thanks for reading.